Posted by: GW7AAV | January 29, 2011

More on the Anytone AT-5189 70MHz Rig

I haven’t had any time to play much with my new amateur radio set the 4m Anytone AT-5189, but from what I heard this afternoon I am pleased with it compared with the AKD 4001 and PMR sets I have had. As I said in a previous post it is much more pleasant to listen to than the AKD 4001 that I have been using and the complements on the audio are encouraging.

An email I opened this evening sheds some light on why it is better on the ears. Tony Allen EI4DIB also has this radio and has had a bit more time to look in to things. In his blog post Tony says ” There is one thing that I was surprised to find in the Menu was a thing they call “Compander Function” this I discovered operates a bit like a very fancy Noise Blanker as it totally eliminates the static heard on a very weak station.” Well what ever you call it it works! There was an M6 station calling someone this afternoon and when I have heard him in the past he was 25% white noise. There is no S-meter so it is difficult to tell if he was actually a stronger signal but I suspect not, so wow! My antenna is quite low so I have great hopes for the future when I get the 4m antenna up above the roof line.

I am slightly jealous that Tony got a DTMF mic with his, where as mine is a standard mic. The ability to enter frequencies directly would be nice, so I think it is time to scan eBay and see if I can get one cheap enough. I will have to look in to which rigs have compatable wiring. The programming cable is a USB to RJ45 which plugs into the mic socket. One of those would be nice too.

Read Tony’s blog post reviewing the Anytone AT-5189 here.

Note the Anytone AT-5189 is sold as the MyDel MY-5189 at Martyn Lynch and Sons.

Photo shows the 2m version.


  1. Hi there.
    I have the CRT2M-1 and the microphone is backwards compatible, in that you can swap the 2 microphones around with the CRT2M-1 and the Anytone..

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