Posted by: GW7AAV | February 7, 2011

Mobile phone base stations no bigger than a golf ball

Mobile phone base stations no bigger than a golf ball could help to bridge the digital divide and bring mobile broadband to distant areas both in the developing and developed world, the networking company Alcatel-Lucent has claimed.

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What does this say for the future of other communications technologies? Here’s to a mobile phone similar to the Star Trek communicator badge with the ability to operate all my ham gear back at home and in my car via the net on voice control alone as I am wandering around the supermarket. What about the ham radios? All replaced by a USB dongle or board in the PC with a coaxial connection to the auto sensing ATU and power amplifiers for the various bands.


  1. Very neat stuff. It would be cool to see something like this come out for a ham radio based cellphone network. (Which I’ve blogged about in the past on my site)

    As for the future of ham radio…
    The cynic in me wants to say the future is ssb/cw on HF and very little else.

    The futurist in me wants to say so much more.
    I could very well see an HT with software defined radio technology for all-mode on one or more bands. 2m/440, 2m/220/440, whatever. That’d be nice for portable satellite ops or as an IF rig for portable GHZ experiments.
    Codec 2 is going to be exciting when it is eventually converted to integer math and coded to run on a DSP or FPGA, especially when a network transport and modem is decided for it. (It’d be nice if it could run over dstar as well, but that was never made to support alternative codecs, it was intended only for AMBE and nothing else).
    I’ve heard the military has portable radios that do mesh networking so as long as there are enough radios between two points you could talk over much larger distances than your signal otherwise could.
    That could make a very nice network for modes such as dstar or echolink to travel over radio paths instead of the Internet. That could be handy in an emergency.

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