Posted by: GW7AAV | March 12, 2011

Air Training Corps – Ham Radio Assistance Required

Since I started CQHQ I have received a large number of requests from radio amateurs and when ever I have I try to help out if I can. Sometimes it might just be a case of emailing some information or a link, at other times it gets more complex, but usually through one or other of the hundreds of contacts I have made in this fascinating hobby I can point someone in the right direction. If all else fails someone out of CQHQ’s many readers can usually help.

My latest challenge came in the form of an email from Jim G3YDL who has just started as Squadron Radio Officer (CI) at Mirfield 868 SQDN Air Training Corps. He says, “We are just starting out in the world of radio at cadets though I have had several years if not my whole life in the world of Amateur Radio. The shack is coming along quite nicely and our first Foundation Course will be starting shortly. However I’m lacking in ACP31 knowledge and materials, we have a little training material but seems a little out dated”. Jim’s colleague is FlGT SGT Mark Andrews M6MIA was comms in the RAF.

If anyone can help out with advice or up to date training materials please contact Mirfield 868 Squadron, Jim G3YDL (his email is correct on, Mark M6MIA or myself and I will pass it on.

Jim hopes to be on the air next Saturday (19th March 2011) afternoon with the cadets so any calls would be gratefully received, so listen out for MX0GWG.

If anyone can help their local ATC in a similar way to Jim please contact your local ATC and offer to help. My own experience of working with cadets during RAYNET activities show them to be usually well behaved and polite young people, just the sort of youngsters we want in amateur radio.


  1. Thats interesting because the Chester Radio Society are running some stations at the 610 Squadron HQ in Chester on the same weekend….maybe we can have a link-up? Using G3GIZ & G8GIZ .

    Keith GW4OKT

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