Posted by: GW7AAV | March 12, 2011

American Cousin Passes Tech Licence

Regular readers of CQHQ amateur radio blog will know how delighted to hear that my American cousin Elaine and here husband Tim had been inspired to get involved with ham radio after reading links to my blog from my Facebook posts. On 21st October 2010 Tim was granted his General licence (KJ4YWR), but due to circumstances beyond her control Elaine had to put her plans on the back burner for a while.

A few days ago I got a message from ‘Laney’ as she likes to be called to say she was taking Technicians licence  on Saturday 5th March. At 18:16 UTC I got a message from my cousin Elaine in Virginia USA to say “Passed my Technicians license!” This morning I got another message “This is KK4AUW/AG….. yes, I got my callsign and 2.5 hours after it was posted in the FCC database, I got my General (hence the /AG, to designate temporary General)”. She does not hang about, does she?

Not only that but she tells me that the guys at the club want me to do my Extra, next week.
She says that “Tim doesn’t even have his Extra yet and he’s a broadcast engineer, so what chance do I have?” However by the time they had all been talking to her about it for 2 hrs straight, she found herself agreeing to have a go. Poor Laney was talked into having a go last night, but she gave up when I didn’t even understand most of the questions, never mind have a go at answering them.

KK4AUW is not impressed with her Callsign, so is looking for a Vanity Callsign in my very near future. The problem is of course all the good ones are taken. It will need to start with W,K, N or AA-AL. Tim has found some really funny but quite rude ones but I can’t tell you what they are as Elaine said “Please don’t post the last paragraph on your blog!” Oh well I will just have to let you work them out for yourself.

Any suggestions of available calls can be posted in the comments and I will pass them on.

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