Posted by: GW7AAV | March 13, 2011

Welsh Ham Hears International Space Station

My old pal Ian GW6MXJ was on the local 70cm ham radio repeater while I was on the way in to work this evening (12th March 2011) and he tells me he heard the International Space Station on 145.800 today. Ian was tuning through the band and found the conversation purely by accident. He heard them via his two metre collinear antenna and was quite surprised he did not need any special antennas to pick them up. I wonder if any more experienced satellite enthusiasts picked up and made a recording of this particular fly past?


  1. Steve, over at they caught the space station talking to me, so maybe they caught that conversation Ian heard too. It’s pretty easy to snag ’em if there is an active ham aboard. I used a 2 meter collinear and my mobile rig that is setup in my workshop. 145.800 should be in your presets. At a hamfest I met Steve Ford, the editor of QST, the organ of the ARRL, and he told me he tape recorded modem noise from the station and played it into HamRadio Deluxe or some such thing and decoded a picture from on board. Pretty darn cool. We love your web-site over here in the colonies, especially your XYL,s neu psk adventures. Very best regards, de Tom, AB9NZ

    • Hi Tom, Thanks for the links and the kind comments. My main reason for doing the piece was to say to people or remind those of us (me included) that should know that you don’t need fancy antennas with pan and tilt rotators do have fun in that part of the band. When I was first licenced one of the local guys would give out pass times of Sky Lab and I picked up their transmissions regularly.

      Come to think of it, it should be obvious that it would be easy to listen in as I have often seen ISS as it passes over. It is quite visible with the naked eye. Last time I stood and watched one of the Shuttles was docked and it was easy to make out which bit was the Shuttle and which bit the ISS. So if you can see it then it is line of sight for radio too. You just can’t miss.

  2. Maybe here de Tom AB9NZ

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