Posted by: GW7AAV | April 8, 2011

President Lincoln Silent Key

It is with regret that I must announce the passing of Mold and District Amateur Radio Club’s President Mr Lincoln Lindley GW3KFA. He died this morning in the Countess of Chester Hospital.

Linc was one of life’s gentlemen, an all around nice guy and a mine of information on anything technical. Linc always had a great story to tell and was always full of enthusiasm for what ever he was doing. His help and input into the running of the amateur radio courses at the club was invaluable and that enthusiasm could not help but rub off on the students. His passion about amateur radio was only surpassed by that for his family. Ask him how they were doing and you knew that here was a proud father and devoted husband. He will be sorely missed by them.

Linc had been involved with the radio club since its formation over thirty years ago and it will be hard not to hear the club room door open and expect Linc to be standing there with a big smile on his face. Linc’s technical talks were legendary. I remember one fascinating talk when we all looked at each other and I said “He has lost me!” and one person said “He lost me half an hour ago!” and another “He lost me when he told us what the subject was!”. We stifled a giggle and continued to listen. A question from the one person who knew as much as Linc brought it all back in line. It got heavy going and he was way over some of our heads at times, but I can honestly say it was both interesting and enjoyable and we all learned something. More than can be said of some speakers we have had over the years. The best thing was that Linc was always there to help if you had a technical issue.

Linc was a CW man through and through and recently acquired a K3, which he loved to bits and raved about at the club. Recently he liked to operate on 30m CW almost exclusively.

Sleep peacefully old friend!

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