Posted by: GW7AAV | April 15, 2011

LDG Z817 Tuner Warranty Fail

Today I received my LDG Z817 portable autotuner for use with the Yaesu FT817. Not sure if this is a Radioworld or an LDG fail but can someone tell me how to get the batteries inside without voiding my warranty?


  1. Instructions DO come with it. Four screws on the corner on the bottom. Remove screws, then remove cover. It takes “AA” batteries.

    When putting the cover back on, make sure to orient the cover so that the sponge strip holds the batteries in place.

    I use the really long life Lithium batteries. There is also a Yahoo news group devoted to LDG tuners.

    /paul W3FIS

    • You miss the point Paul – To put batteries in I must first destroy the sticker that voids my warranty.

  2. Try using the tip of a small knife to lift the sticker. I think you are stuck…

    /paul W3FIS

    • Not stuck, but I invalidated the warranty when I fitted the batteries. Just an example of impossible to follow instructions. Just like the torch I unpacked from a plastic bubble that I had to cut open with a sharp knife. Inside it had a note saying “No returns accepted except in undamaged, unopened and complete packaging.” Unless you unpacked it (and fitted batteries) how would you know if it was fit for purpose?

      I somehow don’t think their sticker ploy would hold up in court.

  3. We should simply remove the warning labels and let nature take its course…

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