Posted by: GW7AAV | April 18, 2011

Mills on the Air 2011

This year’s Mills on the Air is over the weekend 14 and 15 May and any radio amateurs thinking of taking part should register their details on the Denby Dale ARS website or get in touch with Gerald, G3SDY via g3sdy(at) as soon as possible.

I am off work that weekend so I will be spending a little time in between chasing SOTA stations to try and work as many mills as I can. Maybe there are a few of you out there thinking “I would like to give that a go, but there are no windmills around here” well the mills can be watermills or old steam powered mills as well. Windmills do usually have the advantage of being built on high ground of course. It would be great to see more stations on the air and these stations are usually great fun to do.

The S.P.A.B. Mills section (Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings) run this event every year on or around the second weekend in May, and Denby Dale Radio Society are co-ordinating the Radio side of this event. This event is not a contest, just a chance to have a good time and promote Amateur Radio while helping to preserve some of our heritage.

I will not be in a Mill for Mills weekend but I will be from the 22nd of April until the 29th. So for the chance to sneak in an unofficial early mill in to the log listen for me on 80/60 and 40m SSB from Wendover.


  1. please tell me the awards manager for the mill on the air

  2. Please contact Gerald G3SDY in the email listed in the article.

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