Posted by: GW7AAV | April 18, 2011

RSGB Lock cameras out at AGM

It has long been suspected by some radio amateurs that there are dark forces at work within the Radio Society of Great Britain. Indeed some of the comments received on my announcement of the departure of the General Manager said as much. There has always been an almost unspoken link between the shadowy world of James Bond and the old boys that used to run the society. So much so that someone on an Internet forum recently suggested that if you hadn’t worked for MI6 then you were probably in a minority. Well that may have been true once but these days hams tend to come from backgrounds other than the military or Foreign office. Heck, some of us even have ordinary jobs and ordinary lives, well at least that is what we want people to think. However, the dark forces I am talking about may have more to do with Harry Potter and Hogwart’s than James Bond.

Was it not the Devil’s prophet himself Aliester Crowley who said “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole law”? It would seem that he whose name shall not be spoken (the ex Gen. Manager) took these words to heart when he dipped in to what is every RSGB members pockets. Now it seems that the AGM on Saturday, May 14, 2011 is likely to involve the sacrifice of new born babies, drinking of blood and naked orgies for why else would they not want their members to be able to view the meeting live?

According to a statement on the BATC website ; The RSGB and BATC have worked together over the last couple of years to webstream the Society’s AGM via live video. BATC again offered the facility this year. The RSGB has considered its position and has reluctantly taken the decision that this year it would not be prudent to go ahead with live streaming. BATC has accepted the Society’s position on this but hopes to be able to offer the Society the facility again in 2012.

Okay, so I am having some fun writing this but seriously DO WE NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO KNOW? We realise the whole thing could become a fiasco. When the full details of what has been going on comes out there will be a fair old uproar and to be honest it could be the most entertainment seen over amateur television in, well, forever.

RSGB this is a bad move and just says to the world “We still have something to hide” other than the fact that you are mostly Devil worshiping ex-public schoolboys who once worked for MI6, but then the Masons always were fairly good at keeping secrets.

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