Posted by: GW7AAV | May 9, 2011

Island expedition gets HI twice

It has come to my notice that some likely lads from Merseyside and West Lancs are due to activate Lindisfarne (Holy) Island EU120 next weekend  Kev Haworth, M0TNX, Paul Scarratt, G0WRE and Ricky Knowles, G0LZX will use the callsign GB0HI (Holy Island). They will be active on 40,30,20,17 and 15 metres on SSB, Data and CW from 0500 UTC on the 14th of May until 0500 on the 15th May. If conditions make it worthwhile they may operate 6m as well.

Well I wish them every success in this endevour but when I tried to activate Lindisfarne (Holy) Island EU120 I could not generate any interest at all. The GB call will probably make all the difference but an island you can drive to did not seem to be exotic enough and I worked a handful of friends.

The same mob are at it again on the weekend of 20-22nd May this time from Hilbre Island with the call GB2HI on the same bands. In this case they say 6 and 2 metres are also possible.

Possible! I am sure at least one operator on 2m could generate enough interest on FM and SSB to make it worthwhile operating the band all day. This is due to the high numbers of amateurs from Wirral, Wales and the Lancashire coast who will have almost a direct sea path.

In their press release (as seen at Southgate ARC Newsline) they say the Island has not been activated for 10 years. Strange that because I have it in my log several times during the last seven years and I know at least one radio amateur who regularly walks across at low tide to bird watch and is never seen without his dual band handheld. Likewise I know another amateur who regularly canoes out to the island with his waterproof floating 2m rig for company. I also seem to recall that I have worked Hilbre during Lighthouses week in the past couple of years. Maybe Hilbre is not as rare as they would like people to think, not that it would put me off giving them a call.

So good luck to them. If you hear GB0HI or GB2HI call in and say “Hi!” or you could just pop over and say hello. If you do then be sure to consult the tide tables as the RAF rescue helicopter pilot from Valley is busy keeping his Princess happy by eating his Waitrose own brand rice pudding and does not need any call outs.


  1. I’ve just read your “blog” with some but not a lot of interest, it was pointed out to me by a fellow amateur who thinks that the negative sarcastic style comments you make do nothing for the spirit of amateur radio which we are trying to pass on to radio enthusiasts throughout the world.

    Is it the fact that we can actually be bothered to activate both islands and go to all the trouble and expense of setting up a proper amateur radio station at both locations that is getting to you or the fact that more people will talk to us than they did to you when you did it because we had the sense to advertise the fact and apply for GB0 and GB2 callsigns ?

    I really don’t understand people like you, your a G7 and should know better or maybe its the “W” in your call that stands for Whining? i don’t know .

    why not just do as everyone else seems to have done and help us advertise the fact that we are activating these islands although we know they are not rare but the fact that the number of new amateurs alone substantiates us doing it to let them get a new callsign and IOTA into their logs

    WE KNOW we are going to be busy, we have worked stations across the world who are willing us to do this for them to work us on these islands over the last few weeks.

    we are NOT likely lads, we are NOT a mob, we are three radio enthusiasts who do this as a hobby and rather enjoy it, so sort your head out , wind your neck in and get with the spirit of amateur radio instead of nit picking who has done what with what.

    no matter what your blog says, we are doing this and we WILL enjoy it and it will be done in the best way we can giving ANYONE a chance to work us and the islands.

    ricky knowles G0LZX, 07746215738

    • Sorry Ricky but what I write reflects what the radio amateur community in general are saying on and off the air about what we consider almost none events, but just because we take the Mickey does not mean we will not join the pile up and does not mean we don’t both appreciate and enjoy what in all honesty is a pointless pursuit . After all the whole hobby is pretty pointless, but it is still probably the best hobby in the world and I love it. I personally wanted to publicise your effort (this blog had 15,000 hits last month) but I don’t think much of self important announcements and my readers expect me to my own spin on what I write. I must say that there are a lot of islands around the UK coast that are rarer than these two but you can’t walk to them. These two are the IOTA equivalent of a SOTA summit with a car park 100 yards from the trig. If you did a summit like that (say Winter Hill) as a SOTA chaser I would still work you, but I don’t have to be as impressed as if you climbed Mont Blanc. Sit in a tiny boat for three days to work from an exotic island I will be impressed, rather than slightly underwhelmed, but I show my appreciation the same way by trying to work you.
      You say I am ‘nit picking’ but where did you get the idea that Hilbre has not been activated for ten years? That is total bullshit. However Hilbre always generates some interest even locally but my point about Lindisfarne was put there as a warning that very few people seemed interested when I tried to do it. It’s a long drive if no-one wants to talk to you, although as I said the GB call alone will raise some interest.
      So you are not ‘Likely Lads’ (most people would have taken that as a complement) you must be, as your lack of a sense of humour shows be grumpy old farts, just like me. ;0P
      Just enjoy yourselves and don’t worry about if CQHQ is taking the Mickey or if what I write is or is not in the spirit of amateur radio. Probably you will still feel the same way about me, but in the spirit of amateur radio I hope it does not mean you will not take my call when I try to get you in the log. If you wish to send me a report as to how it all went I would be delighted to publish it on CQHQ without any sarcastic comments and I would of course be prepared to publicize any news of future radio adventures you may be planning (just so long as it is not very silly) also without winding you up.

      Hope you can forgive me. Steve GW7AAV

      • i don’t see how you can say that what you are writing reflects the amateur radio community in general? i have posted your comments and blog on other forums and so far NO ONE is backing what YOU alone say?

        i don’t see why you have to be negative with regards to something that you have no interest in, and as far as your “readers” and what they want, i think you need to get a grip on reality and understand that people don’t actually give a toss what you say!

        we’re none of us boring old farts like you, we enjoy what we do and have a good laugh doing it, if you could be bothered watching some of the youtube videos you’d see that.

        i don’t worry about what “CQHQ” says or takes the mickey and would not ignore anyone wishing to call us on the days we are working but it really does beggar belief that after all you have wrote previous, you would STILL sit in a pile up wanting to work us???

        you’re a very strange person with really strange views and the best thing is to remain a BIG fish in a very small pond and try not to get up yourself too much…

        ricky G0LZX

  2. All I can say Ricky is I meant you and your endeavour no harm, I just tell it the way I see it. If I got under your skin I am sorry, but maybe you are just taking yourself a tad too seriously. Ignore me and have fun, I will move on to my next target soon and I don’t hold grudges (well not for long, its probably the Alzheimer’s). Hopefully you will be able to gloat and tell me I am wrong. I am actually grateful you came back to defend yourself it tells me someone is reading what I write and actually cares enough to defend themselves. It is also nice you recognise that I am not you average Joe. I would hate to be thought of as a sheep. I consider myself a free thinker, but I am quite happy to be labelled ‘strange’ just as long as nobody tries to call me normal. Why would I still sit in the pile up? Because I want to encourage you to do what you are doing, because next time I might actually need the island you do.

    Steve GW7AAV with Love, Peace and a little misunderstanding

    It’s history!

  3. Just to let you know we worked exactly 1200 contacts in 18.5 hours and the radio was manned all that time, we generated a LOT of interest and the people we spoke to were genuinely appreciative of our activation.

    if you work the maths it works out about 67 contacts per hour.

    we tried 2m which was a none starter, 6m which no contacts were obtained and stayed on HF the rest of the time.

    it WAS worthwhile and we did enjoy it, had a laugh and made a lot of amateurs happy in the process

    100% success..

    ricky G0LZX

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