Posted by: GW7AAV | May 17, 2011

Lindisfarne (Holy) Island for IOTA up-date

A little up date from Ricky G0LZX about the GB0HI amateur radio activation of Lindisfarne (Holy) Island for IOTA he says…

Just to let you know we worked exactly 1200 contacts in 18.5 hours and the radio was manned all that time, we generated a lot of interest and the people we spoke to were genuinely appreciative of our activation. If you work the maths it works out about 67 contacts per hour. We tried 2m which was a none starter, 6m which no contacts were obtained and stayed on HF the rest of the time. It was worthwhile and we did enjoy it, had a laugh and made a lot of amateurs happy in the process 100% success.

Ricky G0LZX

Well done to Ricky and the team. Not a bad tally when you consider the amount of other special calls flying around for Mills on the Air weekend, and various other events.

I would just like to say if you have never visited Lindisfarne it is well worth a visit, particularly if you are in to history and culture, there is plenty to see for such a compact place. Take plenty of money however especially if you are not a member of the National Trust. There are some nice places to eat and at least one real spit and sawdust pub which may make a change from the mass market clone establishments we tend to get these days. I can’t remember the name but the food and beer was great even if the place was in a time warp.

Don’t forget GB2HI from Hilbre Island this weekend 20th – 22nd May 2011. Hopefully that will be equally successful to the Lindisfarne event.


  1. thanks for that and i second those remarks RE Lindisfarne, jaw droppingly beautiful..

    also no hard feelings, maybe i took things to heart when i should of just shrugged them off..

    good luck to the lads doing Hilbre this week, should be a great event, hopefully even better than GB0HI


    Ricky G0LZX

  2. Remember this is Holy Island and Lindisfarne Priory is what it’s really about (not the pseudo-castle of Lindisfarne as renovated rather more recently by Lutyens). So this is a plug for English Heritage membership if you’re really interested in the history, rather than the much-publicised National Trust!

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