Posted by: GW7AAV | May 21, 2011

Glasgow and Clyde Raynet to Activate Jura EU008 for IOTA

The Isle of Jura Fell Race is not for wimps, 28km over seven mountain summits, including the Paps of Jura, with 2370 metres of climbing. The safety of the fell runners is paramount and solid communication is essential. The duty of providing that communication falls to the volunteers from Glasgow and Clyde Raynet.

Anyone who has worked with Raynet on this type of event will tell you it can be no walk in the park. Often to get to checkpoints Raynet volunteers need to be nearly as fit as the fell runners themselves as although they will not be travelling as far they will be carrying radio gear, including masts and beams and enough battery power to last the event and beyond, food and enough warm clothes to remain on the mountain all day in any weather. Weather in the mountains can change rapidly and the volunteers need to be able to stay in position whatever nature throws at them.

In my book it is volunteers such as Raynet, St. John Ambulance, Red Cross and Mountain Rescue (Scotland)  (England & Wales) who should be getting medals at the end of such an event, because although I am impressed by the fitness and dedication of these fell runners I am certain they must be stark raving bonkers to even think about entering. Still everyone to his or her own, if we were all alike then we would never have invented the wheel yet.

I have no medals for Glasgow and Clyde Raynet but we can all show our support because they will be active from Jura, which is IOTA-EU008 on all bands HF from 26th May to 2nd June using the call GS0RAY/P. Please look out for them and show your support by giving them a call.

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