Posted by: GW7AAV | July 3, 2011

IOTA and rare WAB via Amateur Satellites

There are some things in life and in amateur radio that I will never understand. It is not nessasarily the complex stuff that baffles me either. For example some people like spare ribs and to be frank I don’t mind them myself, but they are somewhat messy and 75% bone, so why would anyone chose ribs from a menu when for the same price or a little extra they could have a 16 ounce steak? It is totally beyond me. I am not knocking the rib lover, I just don’t understand them. So it is with this next news item…

Paul 2E1EUB operating as 2M1EUB/P will be activating some rare Grid Squares on the Amateur Radio satellites over the next two weeks. In a post on the AMSAT bulletin board he says: Leaving for [IOTA] EU-010 [Outer Hebrides] early Sunday morning about 600 mile drive, so don’t expect much action the first day! Will catch the ferry I hope on Monday next …then first stop will be the island of South Uist, moving upwards to Harris and then Lewis. I’ll put as much time in on AO7 mode A and B as poss and FO29 etc. This will be a 14 day opp so I’ll be around at least a week on the islands then moving North and back down the East . Hope to be QRV on 145.847 USB mode B AO7 and around .50 on mode A. Hope to be active from IO67OV, IO68TF, IO67VJ and others.

Now I am not knocking Paul but to me operating satellites from rare squares is like doing SOTA via repeaters, collecting DX CCs via Echo Link or making love with your socks on. I guess there is some call for this which is why I am puttting it on CQHQ but I don’t understand it. Maybe some of the satellite operators can explain the attraction. Everyone to his/her own. Anyway I wish Paul the greatest of success with his venture and if he wants to do those squares on simplex then I would be interested . Paul’s ‘Sat Van’ and the picture of his shack on QRZ look quite impressive so check them out.

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